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Welcome to Co-Founder Wanted Austin Meetup group by The Tech^map!

If you are looking for Co-Founders or want to join an early-stage startup, this is the group for you. Since 2010, we are organizing pitch events for co-founders to network and those who want to work for a pre VC stage startup, or are looking to invest in one.

Everyone is welcome to our group! Software developers, UX designers, hardware architects, executives, and students looking for a more exciting and challenging opportunity, as well as angel investors and VCs looking for the next BIG thing in Austin. Come on in, join us!

Our meetups are always a great opportunity to meet engineering and creative talent from Austin, TX, to find out what is happening in the startup universe in Silicon Hills, and potentially to find your next partner or startup to join.

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Name Type From Date Location
Name Type From Date Location
Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker Elijah May with Moderator Joseph Kopser Meetup 04-13-2020 Online
EVENT CANCEL - Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker Richard Bagdonas EVENT CANCEL Meetup 03-09-2020 Capital Factory 1st floor Voltron Room
Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker Rick Timmins Meetup 02-10-2020 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker Jerry Galvan Meetup 01-13-2020 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin Annual Holiday Party Meetup 12-09-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Keynote speakers Ed Hemphill and Travis McCollum successful founders Meetup 11-11-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker Joseph Kopser Meetup 10-14-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin Meetup Keynote Speaker William Hurley Meetup 09-09-2019 Capital Factory
21st Century Leadership: The New Paradigm Keynote Speaker Chris Oroshiba Meetup 08-12-2019 Capital Factory
Understanding U.S. Immigration Landscape for Entrepreneurs and Startups Meetup 07-08-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Jan Triplett, CEO of Business Success Center Meetup 05-13-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Reagan Pugh, Founding Partner of Assemble Meetup 04-08-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Panel: Building a Network in the Startup World Meetup 03-04-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Dori Eversmann Meetup 02-11-2019 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Lindsay Gray, Immigration Lawyer - Gray Law, PLLC Meetup 01-14-2019 Capital Factory
TechMap / Entreminded Holiday Party Meetup 12-10-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Colt Moncla, Partner - IV Bars Meetup 11-12-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Thom Singer, Certified Speaking Professional Meetup 10-08-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Austin - Keynote: Miguel Hernandez, Founder - Doctor Lead Gen Meetup 09-10-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Meetup: Keynote - J. Todd Riddle, MA, LPC, NCC Meetup 08-13-2018 Capital Factory
CoFounder Meetup: Keynote - Sandra Dee Robinson "The Charisma Coach" Meetup 07-09-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Meetup - Keynote Speaker: J-Pier Durio - Founder of Minute Plus Meetup 06-11-2018 Capital Factory
CoFounder Meetup - Keynote Speaker: William Crossan III - Executive Partner NYL Meetup 05-14-2018 Capital Factory
Cofounder Meetup - Keynote Speaker "Earl Ameen" Founder of The Grey Owl Company Meetup 04-09-2018 Capital Factory
SXSW Cofounder edition. Accelerating Your Startup's Growth. Meetup 03-05-2018 Capital Factory
Co-Founders Keynote Speaker "Krishna Srinivasan" Founder of LiveOak - Looking for CPG company pitches Meetup 02-12-2018 Capital Factory (Located in the Austin Centre)
January Pitches -Jason Finkelman Understanding the Changing Immigration for Tech Meetup 01-08-2018 Capital Factory
Co-founders Startup DEMO Showcase - NETWORKING EDITION is FREE Meetup 12-11-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founder November Pitches & Keynote by "Sam Decker" Co-founder of Clearhead Meetup 11-13-2017 Capital Factory
Startup Week Panel - How are our current politics affecting the tech startups Meetup 10-10-2017 Capital Factory (Located in the Austin Centre)
Co-Founders Keynote Speaker "Marc Nathan" Texas: The Lone Startup Region Meetup 09-11-2017 Capital Factory (Located in the Austin Centre)
Melanie Weinberger - Startup 101 Navigating the Insanity of Startup Life Meetup 08-14-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founders July Keynote speaker Kenan Rappuchi Meetup 07-10-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founders June Keynote speaker Thomas Gabriele Meetup 06-12-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founders May Keynote speaker Brett Cenkus "Partner-Proofing Your Partnership" Meetup 05-08-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founder April Pitches & Keynote by "Gordon Daugherty" Topic Your Most Valuable Resource Meetup 04-10-2017 Capital Factory
TechMap Startup Showcase - Pre SXSW edition Meetup 03-06-2017 Galvanize
Co-Founder February Pitches & Keynote "Hugh Forrest" Director of SXSW Meetup 02-13-2017 Capital Factory
Co-Founder January Pitches & Keynote "Patrick Pitman" Founder of Ebusiness Coach Meetup 01-09-2017 Capital Factory
Can't find a technical co-founder? Pitches & Keynote by Jeff Levine Mentor @ CF Meetup 12-05-2016 Capital Factory
Co-Founders November Pitches Keynote "Roberto Walter Fiebig" CEO "Tigre Capital" Meetup 11-07-2016 Capital Factory
Co-Founders October Pitches "Keynote speaker Brett Hurt - founder of Bazaarvoice" Meetup 10-03-2016 Capital Factory
Co-Founders September Pitches "Gary Smyth" CEO of Sales Elite Meetup 09-12-2016 Capital Factory
Tech Innovation Party - By The Tech^Map Happy Hour 09-02-2016 3rd Base Sports Bar
Co-Founders August Pitches "Keynote speaker Jason Finkelman on Tech Immigration" Meetup 08-08-2016 Capital Factory
Co-Founders July Pitches "Keynote speaker Jan Triplett - Founder of BSC" Meetup 07-11-2016 Capital Factory
Co-Founders June Pitches "Keynote speaker Thom Singer" Meetup 06-13-2016 Capital Factory


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